AdventureDrop's Beta Version Not Very Adventurous

Start up AdventureDrop is launching what seems to be a very, very rough beta version of its wiki-based travel portal focused on providing an easy way to find adventure travel by location and activity. The site’s wiki platform allows others to edit, add and share adventures with the community.

AdventureDrop currently only features somewhat dull U.S. travel adventures. For example, if you do a search for travel in a jungle, most of the locations that appear are in the U.S., including the Lake Meredith National Recreation Area in Texas and the Upper Delaware Scenic and Recreational River in New York. And the user rating for both of these “top jungle adventures” is four out of five stars. Also, the site doesn’t list providers for all the activities.

If AdventureDrop goes global and can hone its searches, it has the potential to be a nifty resource for those wanting to find the ultimate trip involving scuba diving, mountain climbing or a hot air balloon. And the site has a few innovative features, including allowing users to create customized itineraries, the ability to rate adventure travel spots and form groups based on a particular adventure travel activity.

No doubt, the site needs some work. But if it can expand its global reach and use the user generated concept to its advantage, it could give National Geographic’s Adventure Travel Portal a run for its money.