YouTube And Google Earth Demo The Talk Of Davos

Last year I blogged about the YouTube corner at the World Economic Forum event in Davos, Switzerland. They had prime real estate between the main conference area and private meeting rooms, and heads of state, business executives, Nobel Laureates and rock stars strolled by and stopped to leave a video.

YouTube was back this year with an even better setup. In addition to computers where people could create YouTube videos answering various questions (Kofi Annan is pictured to left), the Google team brought in a touch screen version of Google Earth, complete with World Economic Forum data layered on top. Google earth was projected onto a wall, and people could zoom around the earth and view interesting data like historic and projected climate changes.

Ed Sanders (YouTube Marketing Manager) and Amit Sood (Google International Product Marketing Manager) walked me through both the YouTube and Google Earth products. Video is below: