Panasonic's new room light changes light levels automatically to save power


Another “green” product from Japan that might one day hit other markets as well. Panasonic announced a new home-use fluorescent lamp [JP] that is able to automatically adjust the brightness depending on the luminance in the room it’s installed in.

Panasonic claims they are the first company to come up with such a technology. Their so-called Auto-Eco Light-Control Twin Pa comes with a brightness sensor and a remote control. It can detect and constantly maintain brightness in an area covering a 3m diameter in rooms with ceilings as high as 2.4m.

Panasonic says households owning the room light can expect power consumption to drop a maximum 62%. The company also promises that buyers will not notice the automatic adjustments.

On March 1, Japan will get the lamp in two versions (74W for $360 and 89W for $390). The company will produce 10,000 units of each model monthly.