BBC suckered by some crazy fake cellphone

An unknown company that makes “jet parts” in England, IA Technology, is pretending to release some vaporware cellphone that accepts only voice input and, through the magic of “Internet portals” will make calls and send texts without typing. The phone itself, as it appears in this BBC footage, is just a plastic mock-up that the anchor uses as if it were the real thing. Most interestingly, however, is the B-roll which shows that the company apparently still does all of it’s “ejector seat” soldering by hand because using a bunch of women using some acid core and wood burners to add components to a board. Best of all? It’s called the ZumbaLumba.

Charlie Sorrel at Wired sense that this is probably a marketing ploy. Interestingly, Thomas Ricker at AOL found out that the CEO used to be a party promoter in England.