Video Review: FyreTV

Overview and Features:

FyreTV is a set top box that streams on-demand video (perhaps not the kind of video you’re thinking of) for $9.95 per month. The box itself is free and the monthly fee gets you 100 credits good for between 50 and 100 minutes of video (the kind of video only grown-ups should watch). Standard titles are one credit per minute, new releases are 1.5 credits per minute, and premium content from certain production companies is two credits per minute.

The hardware features Ethernet and Wi-Fi connections, HDMI/component/composite video outputs, two dormant USB ports, and a remote control. The service doesn’t require a monthly contract but if you quit, you’ll need to return the box to FyreTV.


  • Really impressive video quality – videos start streaming almost instantly
  • Relatively affordable provided you have some self control
  • Hardware itself is small and discrete


  • You’re forever renting content, never owning it – everything is streamed
  • Remote control is pretty bad – buttons are hard to press and its short, stocky form makes it awkward to use


  • No HD content, although a firmware upgrade is coming soon. Some would argue that certain things are best left in standard-definition, though.

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