Sony's 4th quarter net profit dropped 95 percent, 95 percent!!!

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sony_upside-down2Sony didn’t have a great fourth quarter of 2008 to say the least. The company saw profits vanish over 2007, recording only a 10.4 billion yen verses 200.2 billion yen. The cause? You and I didn’t buy what we were suppose too. Shame on you, btw. TVs were a big factor, but maybe with the Super Bowl quickly approaching, Sony will recover some of the lost profits. Still, Sony’s seems to be heading down a dark path.

This news comes hot after Sony announced job cuts and the companies first fiscal year loss in 14 years. CEO Stringer is hopefully on the right track by trimming the companies down. Hopefully Sony sneaks a peek at Apple’s homework ’cause that company seems to know how to survive this economic downturn. Maybe it’s the simple product line instead of Sony’s vast product library. Just saying…

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