Nokia releases "Curse of Silence" removal application

Image by Katie Tegtmeyer

As many of us were still sleeping off our New Years celebrations back in early January, a team of security experts found a nasty little bug tucked away into S60 handsets. Dubbed the “Curse of Silence”, SMS capabilities on a wide array of Nokia devices could be disabled by sending a series of specially formatted texts.

Were you unlucky enough to be stricken silent by the exploit? Probably not – Nokia and most of the carriers were pretty quick to put up their defenses, blocking these malicious messages at the pass. Still, Nokia has prepped a “Curse of Silence” clean-up application – you know, just in case. If you just happen to have a SMS-less S60 sitting around somewhere, just install the application and give it a run – it’ll handle the rest.

[Via AllAboutSymbian]