Chew Tech: The ‘No Spill Spit Cup’


If you’re on your way to an important business meeting, wedding, or award ceremony, the last thing you want to worry about is dribbling chew spittle all over your nicely pressed shirt. But those standard spit cups just can’t be trusted! Enter the “No Spill Spit Cup,” designed especially for chew spit. It’s got a handy built-in tin holder, too!

For just $14.40, you could have 12 of these cup holder-friendly containers – that’s one for every cup holder in every car you regularly use plus extras to keep in the cars of your friends and relatives! The “screw on spill proof top eliminates unwanted accidents” caused by nicotine-fueled erratic driving. What’s more, you’ll never mistake it for your morning coffee.

No Spill Spit Cup [Novelty Inc. Wholesale via Nerd Approved]