Virgin Mobile releases Susan G. Komen Pink Flare because cancer sucks

Though you may not have noticed, we’ve been trying to avoid writing about pink phones around here. Not because we have anything against them (and we know you love them, ladies), but there are just so damn many of them as of late. “X company is releasing Y phone again.. but in pink!” Now, figure out how to make that into 2 paragraphs – then do it 10 more times in a month. But when someone pushes a pink device with hopes of fighting cancer, we’ll break our unspoken moratorium because, well, cancer sucks.

Doing their part to fight the big bucket of horrible that is breast cancer, Virgin Mobile has teamed up with Susan G. Komen to release the Pink Flare. It goes for the same $30 bucks that the original (and identical, besides color) LG Flare went for when it launched in March of last year, but this time around 5 of said 30 bucks go towards breast cancer research. Good on you, VM.