Sears is full of bull, plasma TVs do not need to be recharged


Buying a plasma TV can be so frustrating. First, you as the informed consumer, know that plamsa TVs generally produce a superior picture verse LCDs but sometimes TV salesmen don’t agree. That being said, this guy managed to buy a plasma from Sears and turned down the $300 three-year service plan only to have the company call him a few days later to pitch the plan again. This time though, the rep ‘informed’ the buyer that plasma TV’s suck (or something like that) and need to be ‘recharged’ every five years at a cost of $500 so the $300 service plan is well justified. Thankfully, the customer turned down the service plan ’cause plasma TVs do not need recharging.

More plasma TV myths after the break.

  1. Plasma TVs do not need to be recharged
  2. Plasma TVs can suffer burn-in but only in extreme cases. Image retention is common but goes away after a few minutes.
  3. Plasma TVs are reliable and the display should last years. That’s not to say other, random things can happen to the electronics.
  4. Plasma TVs do not give off radiation.
  5. Plasma TVs are not delicate little flowers. They can take some abuse and feature a screen protector that is generally child and Wiimote proof. Unlike the majority LCDs, btw.
  6. Plasma TVs generally have better blacks and whites than LCDs.

I would buy a plasma over an LCD unless it’s going to be in an area with tons of sunlight which will cause glare on the screen protector. That’s just me though.