Relax, Britons, you won't be kicked off the Internet for downloading music


Not too long ago it looked like British music pirates—a fine name for a band—were facing expulsion from the Internet. Not anymore. Despite “serious legislative intent,” the British Government will not pursue the plan. Hooray, I guess.

The idea behind the proposed legislation was to scare the British public into kicking their piracy habit. “Downloading music illegally? Cool, have fun not being able to use the Internet ever again.” Apparently this scenario—banning folks—isn’t exactly legal, or, at least, isn’t clearly legally. Rights and the like, I suspect. Besides, the legislation certainly sounded as if it were written, from top to bottom, by the BPI.

In any event, the Government will release a report on Thursday re: piracy and the like.

Anyone else tired of RIAA/BPI/OMGPIRACY stories? It’s like, we get it already. Let’s talk about ponies and happy things instead.