iLife '09 gets a ship date

Oh boy! I can’t believe the day has come! iLife ’09 just got a ship date and it’s coming your way tomorrow. That’s January 27th. But wait, didn’t you already snag it off the Pirate Bay or something? Anyway, iLife ’09 ships with all new Macs and those of you who purchased a Mac on or after January 6th ’09 will have to shell out $10 to get the iLife Up-To-Date upgrade package. Talk about nickel and diming. The family pack goes for $99 and the Mac Box Set goes for $169.

iLife ’09 requires Mac OS X version 10.5.6 or later, a Macintosh® computer with an Intel processor, a PowerPC G5 or 867 MHz or faster PowerPC G4, 512MB of RAM (1GB recommended), QuickTime® 7.5.5 or later (included), a DVD drive for installation and 4GB of available disk space.