Heads up, there's a trojan in a popular pirated Mac Photoshop CS4 distro


Heads up, freaks. There’s a trojan inside a certain Adobe Photoshop CS4 for Mac crack generator that’s spreading around. (Type “photoshop cs4 mac crack” in The PirateBay for the offending file.) It’s a variant of a trojan that was first discovered last week, so that means this trojan is getting around.

The trojan is called “OSX.Trojan.iServices.B Trojan Horse” and gets into your system after you give permission to it while launching the crack, as this screenshot shows. (Why in God’s name would you need to give a simple crack generator your account info is beyond me.)

Intego, which makes Mac anti-virus software, says its latest definitions can protect against the trojan.

The moral of the story is, obviously, don’t be daft when pirating—I won’t pretend that more than a few of you do, indeed, pirate—software. There’s an argument to make about, maybe Adobe shouldn’t have to charge a zillion dollars for Photoshop, but that’s for another day.