Scratched iPod nano? Legal settlement could mean money in your pocket


The Los Angeles County Superior Court is pursuing a settlement for owners of scratched up first-generation iPod nanos. The suit alleges that early runs of the devices “contained a design or manufacturing defect that resulted in excessive scratching.”

Not all first-gen nanos are affected, just the early ones. To find out if yours is covered, you can visit this page and enter your serial number. Apple has set aside $22.5 million for the settlement and payouts will be determined “depending on whether your iPod nano was shipped with or without a slip case, and also depending on the total number of valid claims that are made,” but the general idea is that if you didn’t get a free slip cover, you’ll get $25 and if you did get a free slip cover, you’ll get $15.

Those payout numbers could go up if the total number of valid claims is less than the fund. If so, the remaining money would be prorated and divvied out accordingly, so if you’ve got the time and energy to fill out the form and submit a claim, here’s to hoping that others won’t take the time to do the same so you can get a bigger piece of the pie.

If you’re one of the affected owners, you can get started here: iPod nano settlement