Bandai sells gadget for women that helps understand men


On February 7, Bandai Japan is coming out with a new gadget [JP ]that will tell help women how well they understand men. The Onna Dameshi (Girl Tester) comes with a total of pre-installed 100 questions, such as “What phrase will make boys happy when said out of jealousy by their  girlfriends?” or “What type of hair style do men usually prefer their girlfriends to have?”.

The monochrome LCD screen displays five questions and users can choose between four possible answers. Bandai, and this is no joke, surveyed 1,000 single men in Japan aged between 20 and 39 to get the best results possible.


If the user answers a lot of questions right, her moteQ (popularity meter) rises, meaning she gradually builds up knowledge in men. Yeah, right.

The Onna Dameshi features a few more games, such as a “love meter” and will be available in red, white and – of course – pink.

It’s unknown whether the gadget will ever find its way outside Japan (where it will be priced at $30). Bandai wants to sell 100,000 units by the end of 2009, mostly to Japanese women in their 20s and 30s.