Against All TOS: Guy Tries To Sell His "YouTube" Digg Account On Craigslist For Rent Money

How bad is the economy? In an effort to raise money for his rent, one man named Victor is trying to sell his Digg account on Craigslist for $650. It’s not because Victor is a power user on Digg. The name of the account is “youtube” His post on Craigslist reads:

Hello Craigslist community, my name is Victor and I’m a freelance web designer. Due to the current economic crisis I’m facing a lot of financial problems, bills are piling up and I don’t have enough work to cover them.

My rent is due and I don’t have the money to pay for it so I decided to put my Digg account for sale and see if I can make my rent money that way…

The account is somewhat valuable because it’s named YouTube and all of you know what YouTube is.

. . . My rent is $650 per month, hence the asking price.

Unfortunately, it is against Digg’s Terms of Service to:

use as a Digg User ID a name subject to any rights of a person other than you without appropriate authorization, . . . attempt to impersonate another user or person; sell or otherwise transfer your profile.

So I wouldn’t buy that Digg account, but if anyone is looking for a Web designer Victror’s services are available.

Update: Unfortunately, Digg has canceled Victor’s account. But I’ve set up a TipJoy account for him below. Give him a dollar to help him with his rent, if you’ve got the spare change. All proceeds will go to Victor.