Against All TOS: Guy Tries To Sell His "YouTube" Digg Account On Craigslist For Rent Money

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How bad is the economy? In an effort to raise money for his rent, one man named Victor is trying to sell his Digg account on Craigslist for $650. It’s not because Victor is a power user on Digg. The name of the account is “youtube” His post on Craigslist reads:

Hello Craigslist community, my name is Victor and I’m a freelance web designer. Due to the current economic crisis I’m facing a lot of financial problems, bills are piling up and I don’t have enough work to cover them.

My rent is due and I don’t have the money to pay for it so I decided to put my Digg account for sale and see if I can make my rent money that way…

The account is somewhat valuable because it’s named YouTube and all of you know what YouTube is.

. . . My rent is $650 per month, hence the asking price.

Unfortunately, it is against Digg’s Terms of Service to:

use as a Digg User ID a name subject to any rights of a person other than you without appropriate authorization, . . . attempt to impersonate another user or person; sell or otherwise transfer your profile.

So I wouldn’t buy that Digg account, but if anyone is looking for a Web designer Victror’s services are available.

Update: Unfortunately, Digg has canceled Victor’s account. But I’ve set up a TipJoy account for him below. Give him a dollar to help him with his rent, if you’ve got the spare change. All proceeds will go to Victor.

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