Tweetdeck confirms $0.5m Angel funding round

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UK-based Tweetdeck, probably the best desktop application to date for tracking your Twitter feeds, has completed the funding round hinted at recently. The funding will come it at just under $500,000. As expected, Betaworks is leading the investment into Tweetdeck.

The announcement caps a great story, whereby lone developer, Iain Dodsworth, came up with the Tweetdeck idea just a few months ago. He told me “It’s enough to turn this into something that generates revenue. Betaworks came to me, we spoke about where I wanted to take TweetDeck, discussed what level of funding it would take to get there. I was aware of Betaworks already via Summize and and it is such a good fit working with them.”

The other participants are a mix of London and New-York based investors:

The Accelerator Group, the most active early stage tech Angel in London.

Taavet Hinrikus, one of the first Skype employees, now based in London.

Gerry Campbell, an experienced Internet/media executive and former President of Reuters’ Search and Content Technologies group.

Howard Lindzon. An entrepreneur, and creator of Wallstrip and Stocktwits.

Roger Ehrenberg, early stage investor.

  • Ollie Parsley

    From an interview Iain did he said he will be introducing TweetDeck Pro as a premium product to assist businesses track their brand across all sorts of Social Networks as well as Twitter.

    Looks like he is on to a winner if he carries on as he is.


    • Jof Arnold

      “Tracking brands” is an incredibly competitive area that at the top end is handled well by incumbents like Onanalytica and at the bottom end is handled by 75% of the bedroom startups I’ve met. It’s also a space that’s littered with “good enough” solutions (google, pipes, rss, search.twitter), a hell of a lot of snake-oil salesmen and some pretty crap data (twitter).

      TweetDeck is a great product and great brand of course – with impressive market penetration – but I’d hope Iain will be using this opportunity to achieve more than that. In fact, with a investor team like that I’d be sure of it… so the question is: what’s he really up to? ;-)

  • Livecrunch

    Hope to get some funding my self soon for mobile twitter

  • Joel Hughes

    Is still don’t see why it wouldn’t be *a lot* cheaper for investors to build their own Twitter apps.

    Tweet deck is nice, but features that would alow me to keep up to date with both of my twitter feeds ( and as TWHIRL can.

    I really don’t understand the hype – nice tool but easily beaten, twitter apps are very easily built.

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