How to make an iPhone stand out of pencils and rubber bands


Have you always wanted a desktop stand for your iPhone but you don’t want to pay those outrageous department store prices? If you said – nay, shouted – YES! then let me ask you two additional follow-up questions.

1. Do you have access to either five pencils or the money to buy five pencils?

2. Do you have access to four rubber bands or the money to buy four rubber bands?

If you said – nay, screamed – YES, YES, YES TO BOTH! then I might suggest using the rubber bands to fasten the pencils together into a three-pencil tee pee with a two-pencil shelf as seen right here on the internet! As an added bonus, the erasers on the ends of the pencils act as non-slip grips for slick surfaces – like if you work at an ice rink or a Crisco factory.

Pencil iPhone Stand [Geeky Gadgets]