Study: Kids spend too much time computer, not learning useful skills


Your children are in danger, America. No, not because of the Bogeyman or terrorism or emo music. No, it’s because that laptop in their bedroom is destroying their mind and ruining their childhood. So claims a study carried out by ChildWise, which says that, in swapping actual human contact with Facebook and in electing to play Football Manager instead of playing football, children today are in danger of maturing without the proper skills required to be a success later in life. To that effect.

The study says that kids as young as 5-years-old are, yes, spending too much time chatting (at the expense of reading or actually talking to people, building valuable social skills), are busy playing Fifa and Wii Sports (at the expense of playing sports in their backyard or at the park), etc. Too much YouTube and not enough reading. You know the drill.

The idea here is that, sure, being able to send off a terribly worded instant message may be cool and all, but it won’t get you a proper job. (Tell me about it, jkjk!)

In summation, kids, read a book every now and then (the implication is that reading NeoGAF doesn’t count), and parents, know when to tell your kids enough is enough.