Got $200? Then buy a matte screen for your 15-inch MacBook Pro!


A third-party Mac repair company will now slap a matte screen on your 15-inch MacBook Pro. You’ll remember that when the MacBook Pro was introduced in October, plenty of people freaked out because Apple didn’t offer a matte option.

The screen isn’t cheap, nor is it simple to add. The company, TechRestore, has to remove the piece of glass from the LCD, then remove the LCD altogether. The replacement LCD—see, it’s not merely a cheap matte overlay on the existing display—is said to be of the “same specs” as Apple’s display.

So, prices. To get the matte screen on your MacBook Pro you’ll need to part with $199, plus shipping. There’s no plans to offer the matte option on the MacBook.

There, now 15-inch MacBook Pro owners have no reason to be jealous of their 17-inch brethren.

via Ars Technica