Elevator Pitch Friday: Sqworl (One Link To Rule Them All)

This week’s Elevator Pitch comes from Sqworl. I picked it because it looks like it was filmed in this guy’s college dorm room, yet he manages to get across what his site does succinctly: condense a collection of URLs into one URL. Points off, however, for not mentioning the business model (advertising, obviously).

Sqworl lets you put together a collection of links and share those with one Sqworl link. You can also take notes below each Website thumbnail, which could come in handy when you are researching a purchase and want to keep all of your links in one place (see screenshot below), or simply want to share a collection with others. (Like the one I made of awesome tech blogs). The actual process of adding links is a bit clunky. You have to cut and paste each URL into the site. A browser add-on that lets you bookmark pages as you browse would be better.

But I like the idea of collapsing an entire group of links into a single URL.