Rumor: Large touch screen iPhone/Pre killer coming (soon?) from HTC

According to a senior Telstra exec., HTC is planning to release a touch-centric, iPhone/Pre competitor killer in Q2 2009.  The device is said to operate on a combination of Android and some HTC-made Linux tie-ins, and is expected to have the largest screen to date on any HTC device (currently 3.8″ is the biggest).

In response to seeing Palm’s newest darling – Pre – at CES 2009, Telstra executives (who claim to have already seen HTC’s yet to be released/announced mobile) said HTC’s upcoming handset is “better and more functional” and “will be a real competitor to the iPhone and the Pre.” HTC executives in attendance @ CES declined to comment.

On a side note, it is pretty amazing that the yet-to-be-released-for-6-months Palm Pre is already being grouped together with Apple’s seemingly untouchable touch phone.  Although when one device wins “Best in Show” and received the most votes in a “people’s choice” Internet poll, and was also named best product in the mobile phone and smartphone category, maybe there is some justification for the hype.

[via SmartHouse]