Don't expect a new Xbox anytime soon

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The Xbox1 came out in November of 2001. Four years later, November of 2005, Microsoft released the Xbox 360. So, should we expect a new Xbox eight months hence? In a word, no.

Apparently Microsoft knows that not too many people are keen on upgrading their Xbox 360. A rough economy means fewer people have tons of disposable income lying around. Plus, the Xbox 360 is so much more than a mere game console: it streams Netflix, it downloads movies quick-like and, um, other stuff. (I still mainly use it as a video game console, for the record.)

So, Microsoft will instead focus on adding features and other things to the 360 rather than coming out with a whole new console. It saves you the trouble of having to buy a new console in a few months, and it gives Microsoft and its “content partners” some time to figure out how to maximize the console’s potential.

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