Nyko's CES haul: More chargers, yes, but also a fancy Wii Remote alternative called the Wand


The short version: Nyko just debuted a bunch of new video game accessories at CES, including the Wand, which it trumpets as “the most advanced alternative to the Wii Remote.” Strong words.

The Wand is your standard third-party controller, with all the familiar fixings: a slightly odd-looking D-Pad, that Nyko rubber grip, larger face buttons, etc. Nyko is also proud of what it calls Trans-Port Technology, which is essentially a method for allowing Wii Remote attachments that usually use mechanical buttons—think light gun and steering wheel—with regular electrical functions. That is, you push a button on the gun and you’re actually pushing a gun button, not merely pushing the Wii Remote button via the plastic gun overlay. No price for it yet, but it comes out in April.

There’s also a new round of controller chargers, the Charge Station EX and Kama Charge Kit. The former merely charges the Wii Remote, while the latter also charges Nyko’s Kama nunchuck. Those are out in April, too.