When Livestreams Go Wrong: MacRumors Gets Hijacked

MacRumors has long been one of my favorite sources for Mac-related gossip (largely because the site has generally avoided overly sensational articles that were clearly wrong), but today it has been having a few issues with its Macworld Livestream.

At 9:24 AM the stream issued an alarming announcement that “Steve Jobs just died”. Moments later this was corrected, with a statement that the MacRumors team didn’t know how it had gotten into the feed. There was quiet for a few minutes. And then things took a turn for the worst, as members of what appears to be the 4chan image-board began flooding the feed with bizarre comments.

Note: We don’t recommend that you visit the site at the moment, as the feed now includes some graphic and disgusting images.

For a working stream of the latest news, check out the CrunchGear Macworld Notes.