Twitstat Study: BlackBerry Users Are Totally Addicted To Twitter

Twitstat, an analytics site for Twitter, has just put together a dynamic listing of the most popular Twitter clients based on the number of Tweets sent per user – in other words, it lets us see which client has the most addicted Twitter users.

Looking at the the top 10 clients (which are less likely to have data skewed by a few heavy users), the top spot with an average of 3.68 tweets per user goes to TwitterBerry, the Twitter client for BlackBerry phones (not surprising, given how notoriously addictive BlackBerries are). FriendFeed comes in at a close second with 3.55 tweets per user, followed by TweetDeck. Note: These figures will change over time, as the list is dynamically updated.

While the data is worth looking at, it is hardly applicable to the general population: according to the site, the dataset used is still fairly small (only around 900 users at the time this post was written), and only takes into account those users who are being followed by @twitstat. Because those users following @twitstat are likely to be “hardcore” users (given that they care about things like retweet counts), it’s a heavily biased sample.

The site also offers a listing of the most popular Twitter clients that doesn’t take the number of Tweets sent into account here (those this is prone to the same selection bias). For a more comprehensive run down, check out the study conducted by ReadWriteWeb last year).

Twitstat was created by Michiel Berger, co-founder of Nedstat, a European web analytics company.

Update: Just after this post went live Tweetdeck pulled ahead of TwitterBerry by a small margin. Stay tuned for more on this neck and neck race.