Six Reasons Your Web Startup Will Fail (But Don't Let Them Stop You).

Any entrepreneur will tell you it’s quite a thrill to start and grow companies, foster ideas and turn them into products people want to use, start a community and see it thrive, change the world (even if just a bit, for a tiny group of people). Many entrepreneurs consider it to be their destiny, and often they will tell you that they wouldn’t trade it for anything, regardless of the eventual outcome of the startup’s objectives.

Being an entrepreneur is also damn hard, for thousands of reasons and then some. I would like to point you to a testimony of that undeniable fact, penned by one of the founders of web startup MakeFive, whose Elevator Pitch video we recently highlighted. Eric Karjaluoto is his name, and his must-read blog post is titled ‘Why your web startup will fail‘. Required reading for aspiring entrepreneurs!

Here’s the gist, summarized in 6 points:

– You won’t have an audience
– You’re going to run out of cash
– You’ll get frustrated
– The emotional rollercoaster will beat you
– You’ll get excited about something else
– But it won’t be because of the competition

Of course, none of the challenges and obstacles cited in the post will ever stop a true entrepreneur from trying. This lifestyle chooses you, not the other way around.

(Image via BizHack)