Wikinvest Stock Charts Find Their Way Onto and

Stock charts and data are the lifeblood of all investing sites, even in these slumping times. Most major media sites have investing sections powered by stock data that they license for a pretty penny. San Francisco startup Wikinvest is making inroads as a stock data provider for media Websites. Its embeddable, annotatable charts now grace the stock pages of USAToday. Beginning next week, they will also power the stock charts on, replacing its current stock data provider, INVESTools. (On USAToday, the Wikinvest charts are supplementing the main charts).

Each stock page on USAToday also includes community analysis and links to related concepts from Wikinvest as well. Wikinvest charts can be annotated with news stories and embedded elsewhere. For instance here is a chart from USAToday’s Google stock page:

Wikinvest gets only about 450,000 visitors a month worldwide (November, 2008 comScore numbers), but is growing rapidly. Distribution deals like these (and broader adoption of its Wikinvest Wire by financial blogs) could help Wikinvest grow beyond its current niche.