Phenom GSM watch phones drop, give Dick Tracy a lot more options

Watch out LG, looks like you’re not the only touch screen watch phone maker with an announcement this week.  Phenom Communications has released an entire line of timepieces-turned-mobiles, (creatively named) the Phenom Watch Phone(s).

These unlocked GSM, MP3/MP4 playin’ watch phones sport a 1.3 TFT touchscreen display, Bluetooth, a USB port, speakerphone, digital still/video camera, and a MicroSD card slot (maxing out at 2gb). Although the press release refers to a singular device, the Phenom Watch Phone, it is actually available in a number of different styles:

The SpecialOPS and Mi5 Watch Phones are for the serious gadget lovers who, just like special agents, need to have the latest technology at their fingertips.

The Glam and Stylista models have been particularly popular with women of all ages – tweens, teens, mom’s, and everyone in between.

That makes two watch phone launches in one week.  Apparently, there’s some untapped watch phone niche waiting to be appeased.  Who knew?!

[via Unwired View]