iSkoot Moves Beyond Mobile Skype With Notifier

iSkoot is moving beyond Skype for mobile phones with the release of a more general mobile application called Notifier on AT&T’s Media Mall. Notifier lets users read RSS feeds and interact with Facebook, email (Gmail and AOL mail) and IM (AIM and Google Talk).

This isn’t an iPhone/Android application, it’s made for users who don’t have those kinds of fancy phones. It currently works with a variety of LG, Sony, Samsung and Motorola handsets, and it costs $2.99/month.

Why this is interesting: this is the productization of the technology they acquired with Social.IM, one of the first chat applications for Facebook. It also makes iSkoot less reliant on the whims of Skype – today their primary product is a technology and application that lets people use Skype from mobile phones.

Diversifying their business is probably one of the arguments they made in justifying their recent $19 million funding. Perhaps they can spend some of that money and invest in a new logo.