TwitTangle Lets You Rate, Tag And Categorize Your Twitter Friends

Another day, another Twitter related application launches. This time around it’s TwitTangle, a service that pulls information about your followers from the Twitter API and enables you to put a layer on top by rating and tagging them, and also lets you categorize them in groups. Looks like something Scoble could use.

Like most Twitter apps, TwitTangle requires you to enter your credentials in order to use the service, so that’s up to you. If you do, you’ll find that the look and feel closely resembles that of the Twitter web version, with some added functionality but without the ability to see replies or direct messages. You can filter tweets by period or by tag. Of course, you need to tag all your friends first, so that’s quite a drag if you follow lots of people. Once you’ve taken the time to rate your friends (from ‘Just friends’ to ‘I love them’), you can view a custom timeline that takes your ratings into consideration and shows the updates of your best rated friends first.

Most useful is the Groups feature, which users have long been waiting for Twitter to implement themselves (for the record, they do offer this functionality for the Japanese version), but it’s not nearly enough to justify using TwitTangle daily, particularly because the basic features that make Twitter a good two-way communication channel are not in there. Also, there are no RSS feeds, nor a search function.

Definitely needs some tweaking.