Microsoft job listing suggests covert Zune expansion

musiwaveMicrosoft, you may be quiet about your Zune plans, but we know what you’re up to (sort of). Following the rumor that members of the Zune UI team are moving to the Windows Mobile team, there has been a recent job posting from Dec. 2nd describing the following:

“Zune Services is building an entertainment store for a wide range of Zune clients or ‘tuners.’  Today these tuners include the Windows PC client, the Zune web site and the Zune device; in the future there will be more. Each of these tuners access a set of rich web services implemented by Zune and soon by Musiwave as well.”

Musiwave is a French mobile music store that Microsoft acquired last year. As the job posting further explains:

“The Zune organization is making a strategic change from a 3rd party content provider to in-house. We need to rebuild, re-architect, and revitalize a content ingestion pipeline that powers the entire Zune business. And we have a very short time to do it.”

Seeing as Microsoft is in a hurry to get this started, we should hear more in the coming months. Now that the Zune phone rumor has been rejected, will this expansion help Zune at all? Time will tell.