TechCrunch Passes 10,000 Posts

Yesterday, we passed a big milestone for us at TechCrunch, our 10,000th post since the blog launched in June, 2005. This morning when I logged onto WordPress (the blogging software we use to put out TechCrunch), I saw this message: “You have 10,010 posts.” It made me smile.

Even though there are a handful of us blogging every day on TechCrunch, we are all still trying to keep up with Michael. He has 3,802 posts to his name (I have 1,455, but I only started in September, 2007). I don’t know how fast it will take to get to the next 10,000. It’s not a race. But as long as you keep reading, we’ll keep writing. Thanks for helping us get this far.

So what was that 10,000th post? Fittingly, it was one from Michael, yesterday’s Death to the Embargo, that is already an instant classic.

I swear we didn’t plan it that way.