WiFi A Manger at Pret A Manger – Free WiFi with your coffee at Pret

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As of today coffee chain Pret A Manger is offering consumers free WiFi in 60 stores in the UK, with all its 130 stores expected to be WiFi-d up in December. After a six-month trial, they selected The Cloud to provide the access, which will be “restriction free”. This will make a change from having to hunt down paid-for WiFi in places like Starbucks, which has a deal with T-Mobile. MacDonalds provides WiFi in many UK stores already, but it looks like Pret is the first national coffee chain to move on free WiFi. Handy for startups…

  • http://housley.me Alex Housley

    This is great news – well done to The Cloud and Pret! I really hope this initiative is a success, and for many more leading chains to follow in the near future.

    There are now more ways to connect whilst mobile, which means the traditional pay-as-you-go and subscription wi-fi business models have to change in order to compete with technologies such as 3G.

  • Peter

    great photo for the article btw.

    about time the UK had free wifi, starbucks is crazily expensive.

  • http://wifi.omani.ac Dave Butler

    Great to see another chain seeing the sense in having free wifi. MacD’s, Coffee Republic and Wetherspoons beat them to it though!

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  • http://www.myneuhausen.de neuhausen

    well this laptop is such a nice stuff. I simply love it.

  • http://www.scroobl.com Jon M Bishop

    This is such good news that it inspired me to draw a cartoon about it: http://www.jonin60seconds.com/blog/2008/12/17/know-where-to-get-free-wifi-across-uk.html

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  • Greg

    “Restriction free” for 60 minutes…

    Hopefully I can just change my mac address and log back in with new details when my session runs out.

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