Sweet: PartyBeans Makes It Easy To Send Customized Candy Gifts

PartyBeans, a new startup launching today to the public, has created a WYSIWYG interface for candies that makes it easy to order personalized tins of Jelly Bellys, mints, and gum. The first 500 TechCrunch readers to check out the site can get 15% off their orders with the promo code “TECHCRUNCH”.

The site allows users to add their own logos or photos to the tops of their candy containers, along with a few lines of text. Each candy also has a few customization options – you can choose if you’d like your Jelly Bellys to come as a standard random sampling, or in a flavor or two of your choosing. The site plans to introduce more candies and options in the near future.

There are countless other custom confection sites out there (you can see a sampling of them here), but many of them have minimum order sizes and cater primarily to large events like weddings. PartyBeans is trying to appeal to more casual purchasers, who can buy as little as one item at a time (you can get a custom Jelly Belly tin for as little as $5, including shipping). In my testing the site seemed to work quite well – it took me only a few minutes to create my own jar of green and white TechCrunch Jelly Bellys, and I’ll probably be ordering a few more tins for the holidays.