Fast-Fingered Domain Squatters Flip Bush Library URL For $35K

Doh. Domain squatters snatched away the domain name and made an easy $34,990 profit on promptly selling it to back to Yuma Solutions, the web development company that let it expire. Yuma has been a contractor for the Bush family for quite some time, and the domain name they accidentally let expire belonged to the George W. Bush Library Foundation. It originally bought the domain in 2007 from another squatter for $3,000.

It looks like Yuma is going to have to eat the cost of not renewing the domain.

The Dallas Morning News reports:

Mark Langdale, president of the George W. Bush Library Foundation, said Tuesday that he didn’t know about the Web site being lost and recovered. But, he said, he would know if the library had been stuck with a surprise $35,000 expenditure.

The name of the squatter who so adeptly flipped the URL is, appropriately enough, Illuminati Karate (which is another Web design firm in Raleigh, North Carolina).