Kindling Hopes To Spark Your Company's Best Ideas

Kindling, the first web product from New York-based design and tech firm Arc90, is looking to help business share ideas more effectively. The site offers a Digg-like system for voting on ideas, allowing team members to hit a ‘+’ or ‘-‘ next to each project or idea, with the most popular ones floating to the top. Users can also indicate if they’re going to complete a project, which makes Kindling double as an effective task manager.

To help give each vote some significance, Kindling caps the total number of votes that can be submitted by each user (the default is 10, but the administrator can allot more). As projects are completed or ‘fade’ out of the system for not getting enough votes, these points return to the user and can be redistributed. The service is $5 per user, per month, with a flat rate of $99 for non-profit and educational organizations.

Kindling isn’t particularly novel – we’ve seen similar apps from IdeaBlob, Kluster (covered here), and a handful of others. And most large businesses will likely turn to more robust products like those offered by 37Signals for task management. But for basic idea management Kindling is very well done, with an intuitive and attractive interface that lacks any distracting frivolous features, and may be appealing to smaller businesses and organizations.