Contest: We're giving away $50 dollar gift cards all week

When Virgin Mobile acquired Helio, they also acquired a fat stack of 50 dollar Prepaid AmEx cards that were originally intended for Helio promotions. I assume it was kind of like finding a $20 in a pair of pants you haven’t worn in a long time, except it was a whole bunch of pieces of plastic worth $50 each. Rather than filling the Virgin Mobile offices with PS3s, they figured our readers might be able to use some of them to make Christmas just a wee bit more exciting. The only catch? They expire at the end of 2008, so you’ll have to find something to spend them on quick (as if that’ll be difficult.)

Over the next 7 days or so, we’ll be giving them all away to our lovely readers. Some contests (like the one below) will be comment contests. For others, it might be a good idea to keep an eye on our Twitter feed. It’ll be different every time, so stay sharp – expect one or two contests each day.

Find out how to enter the first contest after the jump.

The first contest: We’re doing our part to put smiles on a few faces in the midst of economic downtown, so return the favor. Use the comment box down below to tell us what you’re doing to save money this holiday season – funniest one (as picked by the MobileCrunch/Crunchgear staff) wins. No, they don’t have to be honest. Putting off upgrading from your old and busted RAZR? That’s cool. Want to tell us that you’ve shaved all of the neighborhood cats to make a line of fur coats for babies? Even better. Contest 1 ends tomorrow at 2 pm PST (Extended until 12/11 at 4 pm PST)