Vodafone Acquires Sweden's WayFinder For €24 Million

The increasingly acquisitive Vodafone accounted the acquisition of Sweden’s WayFinder this morning in Europe for €24 Million. Last Spring they also acquired Danish mobile social network ZYB for €31.5 million.

WayFinder develops mobile GPS-enabled location applications, including a GPS routing app called Wayfinder Navigator, a POI database called Wayfinder Earth, and an application called Wayfinder Active that helps athletes monitor their progress in outdoor activities. The applications are available for a wide variety of phones (including those running Symbian and Windows Mobile operating systems) but requires a GPS-capable phone to work (users without integrated GPS can also use an external Bluetooth GPS unit if their phone supports it).

Vodafone intends to use the WayFinder team and technology to develop new geo-aware applications, but existing services will continue to function (and, according to the companies, will become more affordable and available in more locations).