Is this Nokia's next top-secret touchscreen handset?

After blatantly boasting about how well they’d managed to keep the N97 off the radar, you’d think that Nokia would be incredibly wary of letting on details of future handsets. That is, you wouldn’t think they’d slide a shot of an unannounced touchscreen handset into a presentation in New York yesterday. Well, if this thing turns out to be legit, that’s exactly what they did.

We’re not going to attempt to call this one either way – while the dramatically different homescreen UI makes us skeptical (if it’s legit, why isn’t the same thing going into the N97?), it’s a pretty enough piece that we certainly hope Nokia has something like it in the works. If the 5800 is Nokia’s response to the iPhone and the N97 is their response to the QWERTY-toting G1 and HTC Touch Pro, it seems this unnamed handset, with its full-touch face, would be their rebuttal to the HTC Touch HD.

[Via Symbian Freak]