Google Chrome Claims Facebook May Be A Phishing Site (Update: Safari Too)

Conspiracy theory lovers are going to have a field day with this one: when you try to access Facebook using the Google Chrome browser today, you’ll get a warning that the social network may in fact be a phishing site.

You can still use the site if you click the button to continue, but you can also go ‘back to safety’. It worked fine for me until earlier this morning.

Is everyone seeing this?

Update: this blog says the problem occurs in Firefox as well, but I don’t see it. (I do see it when I try to visit

Twitter is buzzing with people getting this notice as well.

Update 2: the domain name is effectively a domain registered by Facebook.

Update 3: now Safari seems to be claiming Facebook is a suspicious site as well when requests are made on the social network.

Looks like this is more of a problem on Facebook’s end than a browser-related issue. We’ve seen phishing scams targeting Facebook users in the past, on multiple occasions, but this is something completely different.

It could have something to do with Facebook Connect (which they just started rolling out with a bunch of launch partners), anyone have any good theories about that?

Update 4: the issue is topic of discussion in the Facebook Developer Forums (here and here). An administrator acknowledges that was listed as a phishing site but that the problem has now been resolved, yet I’m still getting the warning message.

Update 5: The issue has now been resolved.