A cyber success! Cyber Monday 2008 was 15 percent bigger than last year's


Good news, everyone! Cyber Monday 2008: Great Depression Edition was a tremendous success for online retailers, which saw a 15 percent volume increase over 2007. That’s what Comscore says, at least.

Consumers were tricked into spending $846 million on Monday, compared with $733 million last year. Year-by-year growth isn’t exactly breaking news, but considering the sorry state of the economy this year, that consumers spent anything this year is fantastic news. So we’re lead to believe. People will be feeling pretty silly come January when America Express comes a-knocking, demanding 8,000 percent interest on that iPod touch you bought.

While $846 million isn’t anything to sneeze at, insofar as you can sneeze at sales info, something called Green Monday 2007 was an ever bigger success, with consumers spending $881 million. But again, that was before the economy broke, so I wouldn’t pay too much attention to that number.