Terrorists used BlackBerrys to cause horror

From the Courier Mail:

Among their arsenal of weapons are bags of almonds and BlackBerry mobile phones – almonds to keep their energy up, and the mobile internet connections to stay one step ahead of police and the military.

These fuckers turned our tools against us and it’s an embarrassment – and a reminder – that the tools that make our lives easier and, dare I say it, better, can also be used to sow doom and destruction.

The story says that the commandos were “trained” in their mission, learning how to shoot AK-47s with some accuracy but knowing the MO of the average US school shooter – buy gun, shoot at hillside, write screeds, kill – these boys could have been just kids with a death wish and an understanding of the Internet. Either way, this is horrible and it makes me want to stop propagating news about methods of communication. But then again the Dark Ages weren’t so hot either.

I hope you and your family are safe this holiday.