Twitter Acquires 'Values of n', Adds Rael Dornfest To The Team

Hot on the heels of news that it rejected an acquisition offer from Facebook, Twitter has announced that it has acquired Values of n, a startup that produced information management applications including Stikkit, a post-it note application and I Want Sandy, an Email assistant. The primary goal of the acquisition appears to have been to bring Rael Dornfest to the Twitter team. Dornfest is the founder of Values of n and former CTO at O’Reilly Media, whose responsibilities also included editing the O’Reilly Hacks series. He was also the head of the RSS-DEV group, which created the RSS 1.0 standard.

Values of n’s products will be shut down on December 8, but that they may eventually reappear as part of Twitter’s service or as open sourced libraries. For more on the shutdown of Stikkit and I Want Sandy, read the Value of n blogpost here.