Kyte Turns Video Channels Into Mobile Websites

So far, Kyte has been focusing on getting mobile content (videos shot on a cell phone) onto the Web. For each publisher of mobile video, many of them rock stars and rappers, Kyte creates a branded video player they can put on their Websites.

Now, with more media consumption happening right on many mobile handsets, Kyte is going the other way around and letting bands and brands turn their Kyte player into a mobile Website complete with banner advertising, chat, fan comments, ratings, and sharing features. You can see some examples here (best viewed on a mobile phone), including mobile sites for Lady Gaga and the All-American Rejects.

Kyte’s mobile sites can be seen on most phones, including the iPhone, Blackberry, and Nokia S60 series. Although, it doesn’t yet work on Android phones.

In other news, Kyte has added Google AdSense for Video as an advertising option for its customer’s to put into their video son the Web. This option is not yet available for Kyte’s mobile sites.