Contest: Win a copy of Target Limited Edition Shaun White Snowboarding for the Xbox 360

Sorry about the delay on this contest, folks, but it’s been busy around the CG office with John gallivanting around Europe spreading his seed all over Marie Antoinette’s watch and all. So, without further ado let’s start this contest. If you haven’t watched our video interview with Shaun White then you’re basically out of the running. Just kidding, but you have to watch the video or you’ll have no way of answering the questions. We’ll give you guys until Thursday at 9PM EDT to win a copy Target Limited Edition Shaun White Snowboarding for Xbox 360. There are two copies up for grabs.

Now, there are two ways of winning, so stay with me.

1. What kind of headphones does Shaun use when he’s riding? Send in these answers to contest at crunchgear dot com. If you leave them in comments then they will not count.

2. Tell us why you love us in comments. We want answers with some feeling, people!

Good luck.