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Following today’s news story about the far-right British National Party losing its member database, which was then mashed with a Google map, at least someone is retaining a sense of the absurd about the whole thing. Enter LOL Griffin, another mashup site of sorts, but this time between the LOLCats series on the ICanHasCheezburger site and Nick Griffin, leader of the BNP. Enjoy.

  • gil

    It’s not a sea of red as some people are describing it. It’s 0.017725% of the population. In Europe, the UK is seen as being very luck because of this ludicrously low figure. On the continent far right parties have much greater followings. Forget about them UK. The BNP are nothing.

    • Mark Weise

      In the 2008 London mayoral election BNP got 5.23% of the popular vote (Wikipedia), which is roughly in line with the outcome for many continental right-wing parties.

  • http://electricspectre.net Von

    lulz. epic lulz.

  • Sam B


  • pdsok

    Sam B
    Bugger! you made me snort tea on me keyboard.

    Heilcats funniest thing I seen for ages

    nice one dood.

  • http://www.simiant.com/blog nathan

    you mean: kthnxbai

  • Clothilde Simon

    These days it’s more embarrassing to be a member of the Labour party.

    • Doug

      HAHAHAHA very true Clothilde Simon. I would hate to be seen on that list!

    • http://www.ownmine.com mahesh

      I agree with you………

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  • Tony Rogers

    Dear me, the BNP have as left wing policies as anyone else!! About their only right wing policy is anti immigration. Labour, Conservatives and the vast majority of the population want to see immigration controlled, they go a step further. Big deal. The more that is made of the BNP the further they will progress. Do you not see the irony?

    Also it’s a shame the freedom of speech is restricted to only those from centre right to the extreme left. I’m against the BNP, but the hypocrisy is disgusting.

    • http://beam.to/redhanded RedHanded

      “the BNP have as left wing policies as anyone else!! About their only right wing policy is anti immigration”

      Sadly not.
      The BNP are fiercely homophobic, militaristic, anti-EU, pro-corporal and capital punishment (the latter of these for anything from paedophilia to ‘terrorism’, the former for petty crime), corporal punishment in the classroom, isolationist (seemingly they prefer trade with NZ rather than France), oppose mixed-race marriages, and recommend ‘repatriation’ of non-British (which their constitution defines as ‘white Caucasian’) citizens to their ‘countries of ethnic origin. All of this is on their website, if you’re prepared to do some tooting around – I recommend you start with an article enthusiastically titled ‘Poofs on Parade’ from 2007, by one of their regular columnists.

      Griffin has previously quoted ‘Zweites Buch’ (Hitler’s second foray into political theory) with the words “the capitalist has succeeded in reaching the pinnacle of society, and it is he who should rule”. Left wing policies? No, not really.

      If you want to continue this debate, feel free to contact me via my blog (spuriously updated, but I keep an eye on it).

  • Leon

    Acquaint the fascist scum with the pavement!

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