Manage Your API Infrastructure With 3scale Networks

Barcelona-based 3scale Networks has just announced on its blog that it made the switch from private to public beta for its API infrastructure management system, which enables Web API providers to set up and manage developer and client relationships for their Web Services, monitor usage and enable payments.

3scale features an online marketplace where resources are provided for developers who use Web Services to discover relevant services and set up usage agreements with providers. 3scale’s Quality of Service monitoring keeps track of actual uptime and quality of the contracted Web Service.

3scale launched earlier today with an initial collection of 14 services ranging from search engines and mapping to translation services including Corank, Crawlerinfo, DataNibble, Happenr (full disclosure: I’m a Partner with Oxynade, the company behind Happenr), Ipoki,, MaxMind, Swoogle, TaWithYou and Weatherbug.

3scale’s systems themselves are powered by Amazon’s EC2, S3 and Cloud Computing services. Signing up is free of charge and there is no usage fee outside of transaction commissions.

The startup was one of the DemoPit companies that demonstrated at TechCrunch50. The company will also be showing off its wares at the upcoming Le Web conference in Paris, where it was selected as one of the presenting startups.