XPeria X1: "The ultimate Windows Mobile phone anyone can ask for…"

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Head over to MobiltyToday as they examine, in gory detail, what they’re calling “The ultimate Windows Mobile phone anyone can ask for… ” My only question is this: what if I never asked for a WinMo phone from Sony Ericsson? What if I asked for the charm and power of a UIQ-powered P800, my first and favorite smartphone? What if asked for a logical addition to the S-E family instead of some weird HTC-designed monstrosity? What if I asked for some S-E phones on these shores? I’m happy they’re trying, but this ain’t the direction they should be taking if they want to hit the big time.

I was talking to some mobile guys in Stockholm and one mentioned that S-E was always doing well and now moved to WinMo while Motorola is betting on Android, which, in my opinion, is a smart move for low-end smartphone manufacturers. S-E, take a tip from Motorola: nobody ever got fired for choosing Microsoft but they did falter for being behind the times.

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