Walmart Wants It Both Ways. We Say No.

The CrunchGear guys seem to cause more than their fair share of problems, and I’m always left cleaning up the mess.

Today it’s Walmart who insist that the Black Friday circular posted on CrunchGear showing a $224 Wii package be taken down.

First of all, it’s too late, it’s already everywhere. Second, Walmart claims both that the ad is copyrighted and otherwise proprietary information. But they also claim it is inaccurate, which suggests that it’s fake. I don’t see how it can be both.

Whatever the case, we’re well within our rights to post this, so we’re leaving it up. And as usual we’re posting the letter they sent us as well – see below.

And we’re also not telling them where we got it, even though they “require” that we “advise them as to how you came into possession of the information and/or materials.” Sorry Walmart, our sources are…how did they put it? Oh yeah, our sources are “confidential and proprietary information.” Of course, they could just click the link in the CrunchGear post.